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Speak to your market. 
Balance localization with branding.

Do it right the first time.

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This is me

Language has always been my passion. I love writing, reading, listening, learning, playing with words. And clearly, I work with them. I started translating in college by chance and have never stopped working since. 17 years of experience taught me so much about the complexity and power of language. I consider myself lucky because work is never dull, and each project forces me to research and learn new things.

Outside working on linguistic/localization services, I spend my time writing, learning German and French, developing plant-based recipes, and caring for my plants. is a website CV where I also share articles and information about relevant topics.  

 Localization  Consulting 
 Adaptive Translation  Marketing Copy

 Quality Assurance  Technology

 Industry 4.0   Transcreation 

 Cultural Branding

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your translation and localization needs.
I can help. 

Communication is crucial to the success of any business, but only when it’s done effectively. In the world we live in now, it’s a matter of a few seconds. People will dismiss or remember your brand, your product, your message based on how your language FEELS and not on how much information and text you jam into the given space. 

The challenge? There is no such thing as a one-fits-all translation. CONTEXT is everything. When is this message communicated? Through what medium? Where is it presented visually and/or physically? You want people who utilize these questions and understand what makes a difference. It's important to ensure your localized content delivers the same value as the original. You are looking for quality at a reasonable price, but what is the reasonable price? How do you tell if the quality is acceptable? This is where I come in!

Adaptive Translation & Localization

Increase the reach and exposure while eliminating the hurdles associated with it being introduced to a new market. Benefit from natural Korean-English and English-Korean translations while keeping your brand identity.

Consultancy Services

With over a decade of experience working with some of the largest brands in the world, I can help you find the optimal solution and help you plan and manage your localization project. Regardless of what language you are looking to localize into, I can answer all of your questions.

Whatever you do, do it right the first time to avoid unnecessary costs and, most importantly, save your precious time. Mind your language (pun intended), because it will increase your revenue and help you reach full market potential.

Clients &

Some of the clients I have worked for directly or indirectly over the past decade: 

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